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Why become a Screenspace partner?

You might wonder if digital signage and in particular Screenspace digital signage fits to your portfolio?
Here are the compelling reasons to consider Screenspace as your digital signage partner.

I’m new to digital signage, why should I become a Screenspace partner? 

Quite simply digital signage is the future. You may not have fully appreciated it but when you’re next out take a look around. Everywhere you look you’ll start noticing menu boards, billboards, advertising in shops and on transportation – there’s always a screen out to catch your eye. Not all of your customers will know it as digital signage – some will call it digital posters, electronic menu boards, information screens but it all fits under the digital signage umbrella and soon everyone will be asking for it. 

The market for digital signage has been growing rapidly since the reduction in cost of the hardware (screens and players) and the advances in cloud software development.  

I’m a digital signage reseller already, why should I become a Screenspace partner? 

What it means for you as an existing reseller or distributor is huge opportunities for new customers thanks to the price points that Screenspace offers. It also gives attractive profit margins that include recurring revenue. Also, the opportunity doesn’t stop with digital signage. Once you’ve captured their interest in digital signage why not use it to cross-sell other products and services you have? 

What’s different about Screenspace? 

From day 1 at Screenspace our mission has always been to bring the benefits of digital signage technology to the widest audience possible at the lowest price. We do this by being one of the few companies who supply an end-to-end solution meaning you can get everything you need in one place from one supplier.  

Screenspace designs and builds its own players and operates its own cloud-based content management system (CMS). It also offers its customers a choice of nearly 300 professionally designed templates and this ensures that your customers digital signage experience is simple, affordable and reliable.  

Being a screenspace reseller also means you have access to fantastic prices on a range of professional monitors that have been tested and configured for optimal screenspace experience. 

If you needed a final reason to become a Screenspace reseller, how about the fact that for each of our registered partners, we give a free player and free lifetime subscription worth over £200, to allow them spread the Screenspace success story even further.

How do I become part of the Screenspace success story?

Hopefully you’re now more aware of how rewarding becoming a Screenspace digital signage reseller could be – the opportunities for signage are everywhere! If you would like more information or have any other questions about becoming a partner, contact us via the form above and we will get back to you for a free no obligation chat. 
 We look forward to hearing from you,


 Mark Easterbrook        Darren Knight



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