CMS v 1.6.10 Release Notes


  1. Stop users publishing an edited advert from the advert page without saving it.

  2. Show number of adverts in playlist in playlist creator.

  3. Save Temp playlists (single ad playlists published from designer) with user friendly name.

  4. Add help-doc link when no adverts exist in account on adverts page.

  5. Add tooltips for new advert icons on template page.

  6. Clicking off Filter button should close drop down menus.

  7. Change “© Bitvu Ltd.” To “© Screenspace”

  8. Remove Shutterstock links from media Library.

  9. Change “Player provisioning” to “USB Setup”.

Bugs fixes

  1. Hide dialog box when dropping playlist into the past in schedule creator.

  2. Hide Animation options for video elements.

  3. Don’t allow duplicate screen nick names.

Mark Kendernay