Player v 1.7.104 Release Notes

Full HD (v 1.7.100)

Screenspace now fully supports full HD. Users can now upload longer HD videos with audio and include multiple videos into one playlist. There is no duration limit, the only limitation is Wi-Fi speed and storage space. The current bit rate is 6mb/s, but will shortly will be upgraded to 8mb/s.

Online updates (v 1.7.1)

The end of manual player software updates. Screenspace players in Connected mode can now conveniently be updated in just one click via the CMS. 

USB configuration (v 1.4.96)

Users can now pre-configure their players with Wi-Fi network and Screenspace account details using a USB stick. After installing the configuration file, the player will be set to auto mode. 

The filename of the configuration file can be called anything with normal ASCII characters (including spaces), so users can keep a set of configuration files for each of their premises. Note: The USB stick must be FAT32 formatted. It is only possible to store one USB configuration per USB stick.

Users can change access point channel if there's a problem connecting the app (v 1.4.96)

On rare occasions, the interference of surrounding Wi-Fi networks can cause connection problems. An "Incorrect password" or "Wi-Fi out of range" message when trying to connect to the player indicates such difficulties. These can be overcome by tapping the reset button on the player when prompted on the screen during the initial player installation. The player will now select a different channel. It might be necessary to switch channels 2-3 times, if the issue still persists.

Further improvements

  • In the CMS, besides the existing options for ad durations between 10 and 60s, it is not possible to set a custom ad duration. This is especially useful for video adverts, to ensure the whole video is played out. (v 1.7.1)

  • Redesign of downloading and extracting content. This will reduce the download time by about 50% (v 1.7.5)

  • This upgrade has an extra stage where it reorganises the filesystem and copies user data to a new partition, meaning there is more free space on the player (v 1.7.5)

  • Improved boot splash screens that now keep users in the loop when starting the player. Players will furthermore restart at 3am every night to improve long-term stability. (v 1.4.96)

  • A number of fixes to improve player resilience, for example updated Wi-Fi drivers. (v 1.4.96)

  • Bug fixes for Wi-Fi SSID's with spaces and unusual characters as well as passwords with unusual characters. (v 1.4.96)

Mark Kendernay