ScreenSpace™ – our revolutionary digital signage solution

Bitvu is proud to be introducing the latest release of ScreenSpace™ digital signage ecosystem. A real breakthrough in terms of both pricing and simplicity, our revolutionary end-to-end digital signage solution is about to take the market by storm!

Easy as 1-2-3

Create amazing ads in minutes on our cloud-hosted Content Management System with direct access to millions of images and videos from Shutterstock. Drag and drop your ads into schedules and with only a few clicks, send them to your screens, wherever they are located. It’s as easy as 1-2-3.


Intuitive App-control

The new ScreenSpace™ App from Bitvu literally places the control of your digital signage into the palm of your hand.

Easy and intuitive to use, the App is a key tool in Bitvu’s mission to bring affordable Digital Signage to a mass market, yet is sophisticated enough to be used in a fuller feature environment.

At entry level, the App is used to control the player and deliver content to a standard TV display. Content is delivered as generic pre-designed templates, but with the ability for simple text editing and basic graphics. When the App is used within our fuller feature ScreenSpace™ Server Environment, it becomes a powerful content creation and management tool.


No Internet Required!

What makes ScreenSpace™ so unique is that it also works in locations without any connection to the internet. The Smartphone app connects via the player’s own local Wi-Fi, thus providing an out-of-the-box digital signage solution that can be up and running in minutes. Use the app to edit your ads and schedules on the spot!

Small, Secure and Future proof

Secured with a QR code login, the media player measures only 8cm x 5cm x 1.5cm. Both the player and the app can be upgraded to connect with Bitvu’s full-feature ScreenSpace™ Connected Server environment, providing scalability for a growing business.

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