Inferno is an analogue/digital streaming media encoder that takes your live (or pre-recorded) video source (Freeview/Satellite STB, DVD, computer file or security camera) and converts it into a universally usable network video stream that can be transmitted across an existing standard computer network and played by any device that can be used to watch video streams.

Available in both single and multi-channel versions, the Inferno has a user-friendly web-based UI that is designed for use by non-technical staff.

With prices starting at just £169.99 for the single-channel version, Inferno makes video streaming viable for a huge range of customers and applications where previously it was out of reach.

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Single-Channel: Inferno










Download the technical specification for Inferno here.

Multi-Channel: InfernoR








Download the technical specification for InfernoR here.

Inferno’s user-friendly UI










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