Bitvu makes digital signage more accessible through innovation, simplification and the elimination of unnecessary cost.

Screenspace™ is Bitvu’s digital signage ecosystem providing customers with an end-to-end digital signage solution.


One Platform

Linking together an off-the-shelf media player with a third party content management system (CMS) is fraught with difficulties. By contrast, the Screenspace digital signage player is built from the ground up to do nothing but digital signage, integrating seamlessly with our cloud-based CMS and iOS/Android app to provide reliable, high-performance play-out of your content.




Simple signage is our mission! There’s no need to call in the IT department – you’ll have Screenspace up and running in minutes. It’s a breeze to create and publish beautiful adverts that will grab your customers’ attention and start delivering results before you know it.




With no minimum contract and a super-low monthly subscription, a professional digital signage solution has never been so affordable and risk-free. Simply buy a Screenspace player, connect to any TV or screen, and you’re ready to push your communications to the next level!